The United States climbs to sixth position as a destination for Paraguayan beef

Asunción, Agencia IP.- The United States market is positioning itself as one of the main export destinations for Paraguayan beef. According to the President of the Paraguay Chamber of Meat, Randy Ross, it is positioned as the sixth most important buyer in the year’s fifth month.

«At the end of May, the US market is already in sixth place as a destination for our meat. We had proposed to reach 10,000 tons this year, and we are already practically at 5,000 in the first five months,» said the beef industry representative.

He acknowledged that this situation «is better than expected» taking into account that the initially enabled quota was already filled at the end of March and that the Paraguayan meat entering the United States is already out of quota. However, he stressed that «interesting prices» are still being achieved.

«If we continue at this pace, we will easily reach 10,000 or perhaps a little more by the end of the year,» said Ross. At the end of May, the exact volume of exports reached 4,911 tons.

Exports to the United States have already generated over 21 million dollars of income for the Paraguayan meat sector this year. With such promising figures, exporters are optimistic about the future growth of this market. Therefore, they are confident that the resolution of the US Senate, which seeks to reverse the authorization of the entry of Paraguayan meat to that market, will not prosper in the House of Representatives.

«We are coordinating efforts with the embassy so the project does not prosper. So far, there is nothing after the resolution approved in the Senate, and we hope they do not discuss it until January of next year so that the initiative does not prosper,» said Ross.

By the end of May, the Paraguayan meat sector exported 126,000 tons to 49 different markets, earning US$616,500,000.

Chile remains the leading export destination, absorbing 45% of shipments abroad, followed by Brazil, Taiwan, Israel, and Russia markets.

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