The Ministry of Industry and Commerce announces the process of filing for foreign investors

Asunción, Agencia IP.- Intending to increase foreign direct investment in Paraguay, the Ministry of Industry and Commerce (MIC) and the National Directorate of Migration offer opportunities to foreign investors by simplifying the process of permanent filing in the country.

The process is carried out through the Unified System for Opening and Closing Companies (Suace), with one of the most significant benefits being the issuance of the Investor Certificate, an essential document for foreigners who wish to obtain permanent residency.

This process, which used to take months, was reduced to 10 to 15 business days. This improvement results from a specific agreement between the institutions mentioned above, aimed at facilitating the opening of companies by foreign investors.

To obtain the Investor Certificate, applicants must meet certain requirements, including presenting relevant documents and a sworn statement. In this declaration, investors agree to open a company in the country through Suace, invest a minimum of USD 70,000, and generate a minimum of five jobs for national workers.

Steps to follow to obtain permanent residence

The investor interested in obtaining permanent residence must complete a Foreign Investor Certificate (pre-migration) at the Immigration Office. This request is a specific procedure for each foreign investor. See the requirements at this link.

The interested party must personally request their permanent residence card, for which they must present their investor certificate at the Immigration office of Suace and meet the requirements.

Foreign investors may request to obtain a Paraguayan identity card at the Identification Department of the National Police. It is worth mentioning that speed is requested for the issuance of the card through Suace.

Companies are opened. In the case of legal companies, the foreign partner must have a permanent residence card and a Paraguayan identity card to serve on the company’s board of directors. Requirements and Form.

This initiative seeks to attract foreign investment and promote job creation and the country’s economic development. The Ministry of Industry and Commerce reaffirms its commitment to supporting investors and simplifying administrative processes, consolidating itself as a strategic partner for those seeking to contribute to local economic growth with the landing of their capital.

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