The digital future in the region will be addressed at the Latin American Telecommunications Summit

Asunción, Agencia IP.- «Building a Digital Ecosystem» is the motto of the Latin American Telecommunications Summit, to be held on June 25 at the initiative of the Center for Studies in Regulation and Telecommunications (Certal). It will be held at the CAF Integration House on Avenida Mariscal López, between Avenida Brasilia and República Dominicana.

The event will bring together prominent leaders and experts in the sector to discuss and plan the region’s digital future. The dialogue space will focus on how implementing best regulatory practices can attract crucial investments for developing the digital sector in Latin America.

Participants will share their vision and experience in creating a favorable regulatory environment that encourages investment and promotes the sustainable growth of the digital ecosystem.

The Minister of Information and Communication Technologies (MITIC), Gustavo Villate, Roberto Nobile, Chief Executive Officer of Telecom Argentina, and Marcelo Benitez, Chief Executive Officer of Millicom-Tigo, will participate in the round table.

These leaders will contribute unique perspectives from their respective positions, offering a comprehensive overview of the strategies needed to boost the digital sector. Christian Asinelli, Corporate Vice President of Strategic Programming at CAF, will moderate the session.

Certal CEO Pablo Scotellaro provided more details of the event in Tribuna, a program broadcast by Paraguay TV. «We are convinced that to attract substantial and sustainable investments in the telecommunications sector in Paraguay, it is essential to have a regulatory framework that offers stability and legal security. This drives economic growth and ensures that the benefits of digitalization reach all citizens in every corner of the country,» he said.

«Fostering competition, encouraging investment, and promoting public-private collaboration and technological neutrality are key aspects discussed at the summit,» he concluded.

Regulatory stability and financial incentives are essential to creating an attractive environment for investors. They are also fundamental to guaranteeing the protection of consumer rights and promoting confidence in digital services.

The Center for Studies in Regulation and Telecommunications (Certal) is an organization dedicated to researching and promoting effective policies in the field of telecommunications. With this summit, Certal reaffirms its commitment to leading the debate on the region’s digital future and promoting initiatives that promote sustainable development and digital inclusion.

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