Paraguay seeks to become a leader in forest production and attract investments

Asunción, Agencia IP.- The Deputy Minister of the Investment and Export Network (Rediex), Rodrigo Maluff, stated that Paraguay has the potential to become a global leader in the forestry sector, highlighting investors’ growing interest in this field.

This statement was made within the framework of the sixth edition of the Innovar 2024 fair, held in Colonia Yguazú – Alto Paraná, where the President of the Republic, Santiago Peña, emphasized the country’s potential to become a global leader in the forestry sector.

Regarding the topic, Deputy Minister Maluff pointed out that Paraguay has vast land traditionally designated for agriculture.

He stated that Paraguay now seeks to expand its forestry sector, capitalizing on the ability to transform 2.2 million hectares of agricultural land into forested areas. «With this vision in mind, the country aspires to follow the example of nations like Sweden, establishing itself as a prominent player in the production and exportation of timber products,» emphasized Maluff.

He mentioned that the goal of reaching 120,000 hectares cultivated annually is closer than ever, with a record of 60,000 hectares planted in 2023 and a projection of an additional 20,000 hectares for the current year, 2024.

Investments in the forestry sector

Regarding investments in the forestry sector, Maluff noted a growing interest from Argentine investors, who see the Paraguayan Chaco as an area with great potential for expanding its operations. He mentioned that despite challenges to water and electricity availability, aqueducts and photovoltaic solar energy generation projects are underway to support sustainable development in the region.

He affirmed that the Investment and Export Network (Rediex) emphasizes the importance of sustainable production programs, which not only open new opportunities in the global market but also contribute to improving the prices of Paraguayan products abroad.

With this development, Paraguay is heading towards a promising future in the forestry sector, leveraging its vast land area and the interest of both local and foreign investors. With a focus on sustainability and innovation, the country aims to consolidate itself as a global key player in the timber industry, as the Ministry of Industry and Commerce reported.

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