Paraguay presented investment opportunities to American investors

Asunción, Agencia IP.- As part of his tour of the United States, President Santiago Peña met with business leaders and investors in Florida, presenting the opportunities that Paraguay offers global investors. Peña emphasized Paraguay’s potential as an attractive investment destination, backed by its macroeconomic stability, abundant natural resources, and strategic location in the heart of South America.

The Head of State acknowledged, «There is still much to do to place Paraguay where we know it can be, and the important thing here is to show and convey what Paraguay is and what it can offer as a country and to see how investors view Paraguay with enthusiasm.»

During the opening, Peña stated that the interest is to «show that Paraguayans are determined to see this giant rise again; we have potential and numerous resources to achieve that.»

He emphasized the strength of the Paraguayan economy, which has shown sustained growth in recent years. «Paraguay is one of the countries with the greatest macroeconomic stability in the region, with controlled inflation and constant economic growth,» Peña affirmed, highlighting prudent fiscal policies and a competitive tax regime that have created a favorable business environment.

Highlighting natural resources and infrastructure

Paraguay presented investment opportunities to American investorsThe President also mentioned Paraguay’s wealth of natural resources, including vast stretches of fertile agricultural land and significant access to renewable energy sources, mainly hydroelectric power. The country is one of the leading exporters of soybeans and beef, products that are highly demanded in international markets.

The President expressed, «Our ability to produce high-quality food and clean energy positions us as a strategic partner for investment.»

Developing infrastructure is another critical point highlighted. The Paraguayan government is heavily investing in improving roads, ports, and airports to facilitate trade and transportation. These improvements, tax incentives, and investment support programs are part of the government’s strategy to attract foreign capital.

Peña also emphasized Paraguay’s strategic location, offering privileged access to Mercosur markets and a central position on the South American continent. «Paraguay is an ideal gateway for companies looking to expand in Latin America,» he said.

«The proximity to large and growing markets like Brazil and Argentina, along with favorable trade agreements, amplifies the country’s attractiveness as an investment hub,» he reiterated the Paraguayan government’s commitment to legal security and investor protection. «We want investors to know that Paraguay is a place they can trust, with a robust legal system that guarantees their rights and investments,» he concluded.

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