Ñanduti students in Japan arrive in Paraguay for a crafts tour

Asunción, Agencia IP.- Through the «Mie Elena» Academy, students of the ñanduti technique in Japan will learn more about the traditional crafts of Paraguay on a tour that begins next week.

The academy of teacher Elena Kanazawa from Iwatani has been training people interested in ñanduti since 2010. She currently has about 200 students per month through her academy and the classes taught by her students who have become teachers.

Kanawa is also the author of the books «How to Make Ñanduti» and «Ñanduti Accessories».

This will be the third edition of the «Ñanduti Tour,» a trip in which students from the academy come to the country to learn about artisanal production. On this occasion, the group of 17 students will visit craft workshops in Itauguá to learn about the ñanduti, as well as Yataity, to know about the ao po’i, and Asunción and Luque, to learn about other traditional expressions of our country.

Interest in Paraguayan crafts Kanazawa said that she opened her academy after noticing the interest her ao po’i garments and ñanduti weavings were generating in Japan. Interest only grew, and today, there is a «Japan Ñanduti Association» and around a hundred people taking classes.

Elena’s work also focuses on supporting Paraguayan crafts. In collaboration with the Nikkei Center in Itaguá, ophthalmological consultations and cataract surgeries have been organized for local weavers, financed by the Ñandutí Association of Japan.

The students’ trip on the «Ñanduti Tour» has the support of the National Secretariat of Tourism (Senatur) and the Municipality of Itauguá.

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