Minister highlights the challenge of industrializing Chaco to harness its great development potential

Asunción, Agencia IP.- The Minister of Industry and Commerce, Javier Giménez, emphasized the great development potential of the Paraguayan Chaco region due to its favorable conditions for productive activity. He indicated that with improved connectivity, securing energy sources for industrialization is the challenge.

At the 5th Paraguay 2024 Bioceanic Corridor Forum, held in the city of Loma Plata, Boquerón department, the Minister of Industry stated that when it comes to natural resources, «there is no better place to produce than the Paraguayan Chaco.»

However, he pointed out that agriculture in this area of the country has yet to reach its full potential. «We have agriculture that still hasn’t taken off, with approximately 400,000 hectares of various crops, but with a huge potential of 3 million hectares,» he noted.

Regarding logistics, he recalled plans to install a gas pipeline that would transport gas from Argentina to Brazil through Paraguayan territory.

In this context, he highlighted the connection of the Argentine Chaco via the oceanic route with Brazil, the eighth largest economy in the world, and with the Pacific through Chile. He also mentioned the time and cost savings the waterway will mean for the countries.

«We have a great future in this enormous and vast territory, the Paraguayan Chaco. There is no better land, no better rainfall regime, no better sun, no better conditions in this part of the world,» he pointed out.

An effective energy distribution

Furthermore, the MIC Minister mentioned that the Paraguayan government is working to bring the National Electricity Administration up to the needs, with significant resources, to supply the Paraguayan Chaco with energy and ensure efficient and effective energy distribution for the industrialization of the area.

He spoke of the shared responsibility between ANDE, MIC, the Ministry of Economy, and the Presidency of the Republic for the electric entity to achieve its objective and the importance of diversifying the energy matrix, especially in this area.

In this regard, he invited the private sector to become new generators of new energy sources. «The Chaco should already have huge investments in solar plants,» he remarked.

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