In May, Paraguay conquered nine new markets for exports

Asunción, Agencia IP.- In a continuous effort to diversify and expand international markets, Paraguay has entered its products for the first time in several destinations worldwide, seeking to position national manufacturers in the world market.

According to official data provided by the Competitive Intelligence Directorate of Rediex of the Ministry of Industry and Commerce, frozen beef, offal, balanced foods, peanuts, baked goods, methylated oil, and eucalyptus plywood are among the national products that conquered new markets.

It is important to highlight that although there is already a commercial relationship with some countries, such as Germany, Chile, and Mexico, these manufacturers mentioned were sent to these destinations for the first time, taking into account that the last seven years were analyzed, plus the current year, in which there are no records of more than USD 50,000. Likewise, the existence of exports before this observation period is not ruled out.

Destinations and amounts of exports

  • Norway: Frozen beef worth USD 134,660. This European market represents a new opportunity for Paraguayan beef exporters, who are looking to establish themselves on the continent.
  • Central African Republic: Frozen beef worth USD 108,056. This entry marks a significant milestone in the geographic diversification of meat exports.
  • Libya: Offal worth USD 143,686. Libya has become a new market for offal, expanding the export options for meat by-products.
  • Cambodia: Offal worth USD 170,070. This Southeast Asian country is now a destination for Paraguayan offal, highlighting the global reach of these products.
  • Algeria: Peanuts worth USD 183,100. Exporting peanuts to Algeria reinforces the presence of Paraguayan agricultural products in Africa.
  • Mexico: Baked goods (grissini) for USD 374,220. Paraguayan baked goods have found a new market in Mexico, which is a testament to the quality and competitiveness of national bakery products.
  • Chile: Animal feed for USD 115,290. Animal feed enter the Chilean market for the first time, opening doors for future exports.
  • Brazil: Methylated seed oil for USD 107,516. The export of methylated seed oil to Brazil represents a new trend in trade between the two neighboring countries.
  • Germany: Eucalyptus plywood for USD 186,996. The Paraguayan timber industry celebrates its entry into the demanding German market with this high-quality product.

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