Elimination of the consular tariff to facilitate trade and competitiveness, claims Chancellor

Asunción, Agencia IP.- The Government presented today a bill that aims to delete the vigency of the consular tariff, which makes the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MRE, by its acronym in Spanish) reclassify and reorientate its human resources and consulates abroad.

Eliminating the consular tariff will diminish 24% of the current Budget of the Ministry of Foreign Affars, which is why this disposition is focused on reducing operating expenses, capital expenditure and human resources, stated Minister Rubén Ramírez.

Ramírez participated this Tuesday in a reunion with the senators that conform the commission of the Ministry of Economics and Finances to analyze the bill that derogates several articles of Law 4.033/10.

«The objective is to facilitate commerce and to improve the profile of competitiveness, as a part of the policy of the Government of President Santiago Peña», affirmed in declarations to the media after the encounter.

“We estimate that with a layoff, there will be a reduction of US$ 5 million annually”, continued. At the end of August, the Executive Power decreed the termination of the functions of 85 workers from consulate representations by Decree No. 151. The Chancellery informed that 319 work contracts due September 30 will be re-evaluated for continuity.

Ramírez said that despite having a layoff, the quality of the foreign service and the attention of fellow nationals is still guaranteed. “It is not a matter of the Budget only. It is not only about the quantity aspect, but the quality as well”, stated.

Above this, some consulates will be closed, and those diplomatic headquarters that have markets of interest and a more significant presence of Paraguayans residing abroad will be prioritized. This also includes the gradual designation of ambassadors for 17 embassies where no ambassadors are occupying the position, considering that every transfer of an ambassador represents three salaries and has an essential impact on the institutional Budget, affirmed Ramírez.

The current Law 4.033/10 of Consular Tariff establishes a visa tariff for cargo documents, types of transport and other import operations for maritime, river, rail, air and land trade.

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