Seminar approaches challenges and solutions in the investigation of crimes against intellectual property

Asunción, Agencia IP.- For the first time, Paraguay is hosting the Subregional Seminar on Intellectual Property, which will take place from today until next Thursday at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Asunción.

The objective of the encounter is to increase efficiency in the investigation, persecution, prosecution, and legal resources available to combat infringements and violations of intellectual property rights, both in merchandise and products, as well as in the digital environment.

The activity is organized by the National Directorate of Intellectual Property (Dinapi, by its acronym in Spanish), the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), IP KEY Latin America, and the Japan Patent Office (JPO).

The Director of Dinapi, Claudia Franco Quevedo, opened the seminar, affirming that the space is ideal for exchanging knowledge and experience and constructing solid collaboration networks. “Every exchange, talk, and connection forged here has the potential to mark a difference in our common mission to protect intellectual property,” she claimed.

On the other hand, WIPO legal adviser Tobías Bednarz pointed out that “it is a great honor to be here and inaugurate this seminar. I am sincerely grateful for the excellent cooperation with Dinapi.”

The leader of the project IP KEY, Carlos Azorín Soriano, said, “Today we met trying to collaborate in the search of solutions. We hope the shared ideas serve as a starting point to continue advancing in this field.”

The seminar reunites over 30 international guests from several organizations specializing in intellectual property and observance. Likewise, the presence of 15 prosecutors and police investigators from Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Ecuador, and Uruguay was confirmed.

At a national level, authorities from the Judicial Branch and Dinapi, prosecutors from the Specialized Intellectual Property Unit, police agents from the Specialized Department against Violation of Intellectual Rights of the Directorate against Economic and Financial Punishable Acts, as well as representatives of Customs and legal firms specializing in this area are participating and presenting.

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