Peña marks one year since winning the elections: «We will continue to honor the trust of everyone»

Asunción, Agencia IP.- One year after winning the presidential elections, Head of State Santiago Peña redoubled his Government’s commitment to continue working to honor the trust of all Paraguayans and «continue fulfilling with them.»

This Tuesday, April 30, marks one year since Santiago Peña’s victory in the 2023 elections. In this context, he assured that today he is more committed than ever to fulfilling each of the promises made to the Paraguayan people.

Likewise, he reviewed the main challenges they are focused on, such as security, job creation, strengthening of public infrastructure, and foreign investment, among others.

It was on the occasion of the inauguration of the Alorica Paraguay company, which is being installed in the Alto Paraná department and generates about 250 jobs in its first stage.

«We hope that before the end of the year, they can reach 750 jobs. The company talks to us about the possibility of reaching 2,000 new jobs in a short time,» he said.

Itaipu tariff

Regarding the agreement being negotiated with Brazil regarding the Itaipu Binational, the president mentioned that the tariff is not defined until it is announced and affirmed that they are still «expectant» and that «we are in the last minute,» alluding to the fact that it would be very close to being finalized.

More companies and workforce

At another moment, Peña emphasized the facilities promoted by the Executive for more companies to settle in the country.

«We are very excited, we see that the pace of investments is increasing, if investment increases, more people are also being hired. We have several companies that have already told us that they are in the process of investment, and construction, and this also results in hiring more employees,» he expressed.

On the same point, he stressed the intention to generate 500,000 new jobs in these five years, of which 100,000 would be in the Alto Paraná department, as committed by Governor Landy Torres.

«We are supporting him in that strategy that requires investment, infrastructure, human capital, education, health. And we believe that this will allow more Paraguayans in the coming years also to celebrate May 1st with their families, celebrate work,» he added.

In that context, the Head of State admitted that the Itaipu Technological Park (PTI) would make an important contribution to the government’s goal regarding job creation, through the incorporation of new technologies.

«My obsession for these years, as I have repeated, is job creation, the best social policy, beyond the social safety net that Paraguay has, social programs like those for the elderly. Today, the Zero Hunger program in schools is added to ensure that all our children have a plate of food. What gives sustainability, what allows the family to grow, the human being is dignified work,» he argued.

Strong commitment to security

Asked about the issue of security in the tenth department, he said that the Governor’s Office is activated in coordination with the National Police to restore peace and tranquility to the people of Alto Paraná.

«We made a decision a few months ago where we first sent an additional contingent of 200 police officers that would be temporary. Then we announced that they would stay permanently,» he emphasized.

Likewise, he spoke of «important bets» undertaken by his administration to reinforce the number of police officers in the coming years.

«Last week we announced the entry and training of 5,000 new police officers who will graduate at the end of the year, having been a number that entered around 1,000 per year, the number will be quintupled. We believe that in a short time, everything will be felt, we have fulfilled the promise to triple the Lince Group and we also want the presence of the lynx here in Alto Paraná to be strong,» he indicated.

On the other hand, the Head of State reiterated that the military forces are at the service of the country and all Paraguayans. He regretted the recent insecurity recorded in the Itapúa department, a situation that as a Government obliges them to redouble their efforts.

«This allows us to prove to the citizens that we are listening to them, we are aware, we feel insecure, we are not satisfied, I am not satisfied and we are going to work so that we can do a better job,» he asserted.

Investment in infrastructure

In another part of the interview given to the media, the President of the Republic commented that they are focused on infrastructure works of great impact for Alto Paraná and above all to give a different dynamic to the area.

He predicted that Presidente Franco will be one of the cities with the greatest growth in the coming years in Alto Paraná, as a result of the new infrastructures that are intended to be completed in the coming years.

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