Paraguayan economy boosting with the arrival of major international events

Paraguayan economy boosting with the arrival of major international events

Asunción, Agencia IP.- In an exclusive interview with Víctor Chamorro, Director of Meetings Tourism of the National Secretariat of Tourism (Senatur), the official revealed details about the intense preparations for the World Rally Championship and other major international events that will soon take place in our country.

Preparations for the World Rally Championship have been underway for some time. Chamorro emphasized the comprehensive nature of these preparations, not only for this event but also for other major international events scheduled for this year. Although no other event is comparable in magnitude to the World Rally Championship, the work has been thorough and all-encompassing, ensuring the country’s readiness.

A key focus has been ensuring accommodation availability for the large influx of visitors. All types of hotels are being contacted for this event, and agreements have been established with formalized temporary rentals to maximize accommodation capacity.

Chamorro explained that the upcoming events are expected to significantly boost the circular economy. Many people with currently unoccupied properties will probably make them available to visitors, contributing to the local economy. In addition, an articulation of the grey economy is expected, with the appearance of small food and souvenir stands near the events, which will also contribute to the local economy.

Regarding the Assembly of the Organization of American States (OAS), which will continue until June 28 in our capital, Chamorro indicated that although the final data on participation are not yet available, it is estimated that between 1,000 and 1,100 people attended, including members of civil society. These data will allow an accurate assessment of the economic impact of this event in the coming days.

The Mercosur summit is another notable event, with advanced preparations to receive the dignitaries. The leading hotels that usually host these visitors are ready for the handover of the pro tempore presidency to Uruguay. Previous ministerial meetings have helped train the team to handle this large-scale event, which will be held in July.

Promotion of meeting tourism

Chamorro also spoke about initiatives to promote meeting tourism. Paraguay has won several bids for major events this year and next. One of these events is the Ibero-Latin American Asphalt Congress (CILA), which will bring together prominent international road, bridge, and dam construction companies. This event highlights Paraguay’s progress in road infrastructure and its relevance in the region.

Another significant event is the Assembly of Jehovah’s Witnesses, which will attract approximately 18,000 people worldwide and generate a considerable economic impact. This event, to be held on August 31 and September 1, is expected to bring a significant economic movement a week before and continue a week after, providing a boost to the local economy.

In addition, Paraguay will host the Latin American Federation of Banks (Felaban) congress in November, attracting around 1,100 high-level people from the banking and financial sector from around the world. These events will not only bring visitors but will also contribute significantly to the local economy, providing a hopeful outlook for the future.

Meeting tourism has established itself as a key segment of the Paraguayan economy. According to Chamorro, each international congress member leaves the country approximately $354 per night, which, multiplied by the number of nights and people, results in a significant economic impact.

The economic impact of meeting tourism

In the first quarter of 2024, 17 events declared national tourist interest, generating $29 million for the Paraguayan economy. Chamorro highlighted that these efforts are part of ongoing work to position Paraguay as a key destination for international events, attracting thousands of visitors and boosting the local economy.

«This is one of the large segments that have been worked on for several years. We are giving a new push and putting new energy into this work that began in Paraguay several years ago,» the Director of Meetings Tourism concluded.

With these efforts, Paraguay is positioning itself as a key destination for international events, attracting thousands of visitors and boosting its local economy.

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