Paraguay, with a privileged position, aims at investments in renewable energy

Asunción, Agencia IP.- The Vice Minister of Mines and Energy, Mauricio Bejarano, highlighted Paraguay’s privileged position regarding 100 percent renewable energy generation and the efforts underway by the government to promote the diversification of the national energy matrix.

On the subject, in an interview given to the «Paraguay Produce» program, broadcasted by Canal Pro, he stated, «Although it is true that we need to strengthen Ande (National Electricity Administration) and improve its infrastructure, we are also focused on new sources of generation. The new source of generation will ensure that we continue to have what we have today in the future and will position us as a star country. We will say that we have excess renewable energy, which will be a significant attraction for investment to come to us,» he emphasized.

He also claimed that the Vice Ministry of Mines and Energy focuses first on increasing generation capacity, then diversifying the electricity generation matrix because, although it is 100% renewable, other sources need to be sought to meet medium and long-term needs.

He recalled that the outlook indicates that the electricity supply from our current system will be exceeded in the medium term. One of the most critical challenges assumed by the current administration is diversifying the energy matrix by deploying non-conventional renewable energies.

Photovoltaic solar energy

«One of the alternatives is photovoltaic solar energy, which is also the development of all our natural resources. We are in a short time. We believe we will promote the first photovoltaic solar park in Central Chaco this first semester. We have been working on the bidding specifications with Ande. Next week, the President of the Republic, Santiago Peña, will announce the regulatory decree of the law promoting these renewable energies that allow us to gradually increase new sources of generation, particularly photovoltaic,» he explained.

This is Law No. 6977/2023 of Non-Conventional Renewable Energies (ERNC), whose objective is to develop the market for non-hydraulic electricity for the expansion and diversification of the energy production matrix in the country through self-generators, cogenerators, and generators.

«Initially, it would be 100 MW to expand it later, but the idea we have for the five years of government is to work a lot on generation and have the highest amount of installed power to meet future demand,» he emphasized.

Energy matrix

Regarding the current energy matrix, Bejarano indicated that 42% is occupied by biomass, that is, that which is used to generate heat for industries, 17% corresponds to electric energy generated by hydroelectric plants, which is 100% renewable, and the remainder is composed of petroleum derivatives that are entirely imported.

For the biomass segment, he pointed out that Decree No. 4,056/16 is currently in force, «which obliges the industry that burns wood to be reforested and certified» to protect several things, including and as a first measure, native forests and the national industry without losing competitiveness in the market based on the low costs of bioenergy, especially biomass from reforestation.

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