Japan highlights Paraguay as an important ally with shared principles and values

Asunción, Agencia IP.- Within the framework of the official visit of Japan’s Prime Minister, Fumio Kishida, to Paraguay, it was emphasized during the Information Session led by Foreign Affairs spokesperson Maki Kobayashi that «Paraguay is an important ally with whom we share principles and values, and we look forward to continuing to work together, especially in these times of crisis when we must work more closely and strengthen our joint efforts.»

Yesterday, there was an extensive dialogue with the country’s press, during a meeting held at the «Ruy Díaz de Guzmán» Auditorium of the Cultural Center of the City «Carlos Colombino» – Manzana de la Rivera.

Evidence of the alliance between the two countries is that more than 200 Japanese companies currently invest in Paraguay, so «we believe that there are more potentials to continue investing because they offer excellent access to the Mercosur market, which is very important to us,» explained Kobayashi. She also said that the country offers an excellent commercial environment and stable politics.

The spokesperson celebrated that both President Santiago Peña and the Japanese Prime Minister agree on the same aspects regarding the fight against corruption. Aspects that even prompted a new visit by the Japanese leader, considering that they signed six (6) memorandums of understanding.

These agreements range from the construction and maintenance of roads with cutting-edge technology, agreements on positioning information and communication technologies, boosting trade, and many others related to aerospace exploration.

On another note, she recalled that in these more than 100 years of diplomatic relations, our country has received a significant number of migrants, which today comprises a «nikkei» community of more than 10,000 people.

Paraguayan beef

Paraguayan beef is on the agenda and offers an excellent commercial environment and stable politics.

«We are working on that, it is a process that may take time,» but it is on the agenda,» she referred to Paraguayan meat. It is important to note concerning the Far East that Taiwan has become one of the main buyers of Paraguayan meat, both beef and pork.

Taiwan is a good friend

Foreign Affairs spokesperson Maki Kobayashi referred to Taiwan as a «good friend» of her country with whom they share the same principles and values, indicating that the island «has been and is very important» to Japan.

«We are very close to each other geographically, but also in terms of people,» added the spokesperson in a meeting with the press, where she argued that Taiwan «has enough space in the international community.»

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